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Added on: 08/12/2011

2 customer support roles have become availble. One is for an Italian speaker and another is for a German Speaker

Added on: 24/11/2011
Added on: 19/11/2011

Two roles have just become available to work as Poker Managers in the lucrative Igaming industry in Malta.

Added on: 17/11/2011

French investment firm Groupe Bernard Tapie has just struck a signed deal for the acquisition of Full Tilt Poker.

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Poker Live Adventure results Added On: 13/06/2011

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Poker Live Adventure

Poker Live Adventure

The Poker Live Adventure tournament featured a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000, offered poker players a 25,000 starting stack, and 35 minute blinds for their €330 buy-in.  The event took off on the 9th June 2011 on Day 1A with 202 players who joined in on the action at the Portomaso Casino in St. Julians, Malta.  Day 1b saw another 144 players enter the tourney taking the total participation rate up to 346 players in all.  By the start of day 2 that number had decreased to 150 players, 87 of who survived day 1A and the remaining 63 players from day 1B.  Day 2 played through until there were the final 9 and the final table kicked off on Sunday the 12th June.
The players battled for a grand total of €103,800, and at the end of day 1A and 1B the average stack was up to 57,000 chips.  Out of the remaining players, some very well known players in the local poker scene stole the limelight with Jacques Balzan Demajo in the lead.  The biggest stacks at the table were:
1st: Jacques Balzan Demajo (179,500),
2nd: Severi Stefano (143,300)
3rd: Gioe` Gherardo (139,200)
4th: Corso Marco (130,400)
5th: Ponzo Giuseppe (128,000)
6th: Colley Anna (127,900)
7th: Carla`Federico (118,500)
8th: Koops Hendrik (113,900)
9th: Mifsud Gordon (113,800)
10th Bernat Nicolas (108,100)

Payouts + Winners:
28. Giacomo Bongiovanni (874euro)
27. Federico Carla` (1000euro)
26. Pietro Gulotta (1000euro)
25. Rusconi Dario (1000euro)
24. Calamai Gabriele (1000)
23. Degorgio Antuane (1000)
22. Vespignani ugo (1000)
21. Babris Vadims (1000)
20. Sandro Morici (1500)
19. Fortugno Gaetano (1500)
18. Bombaci Filippo (1500)
17. Todarello Francesco (1500)
16. Scarriglia Mario (1500)
15. Wetsteijn Bart (1500)
14. Gherardo Gioe` (2000)
13.Patrick Mifsud Tommasi (2000)
12. Santangeli Stefano (2000)
11. Castorina Salvatore (2000)
10.Pecoraro Luciano (2000)
9. Vella Alfonso (2500)
8. Cantone Giancarlo (3000)
7. Anna Colley (4000)
6. Tchen Marco (5000)
5. Benanti Marco (6000)
4. Mezanger Fabien (8000)
3. Longo Francesco (10000)
2. Hendrik Koops (15,000)
1. D’antoni Nicolaj (20,000)
Watch out for the next tourney going on at the Portomaso Casino – The People’s Poker Tour, which takes place between the 15th and the 19th June 2011.  The event features a €1,500 + €150 buy-in and should see the high participation rate that we’ve gotten used to with the Italian tournaments in the recent months!

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